Is auto insurance in Florida required?

If you are wondering if auto insurance is required in the state of Florida, the simple answer is yes. Current state regulations impose a requirement of car insurance on any vehicle with four or more wheels. When registering your vehicle, it is a requirement to prove that you have coverage in Florida. As of 2018, vehicle owners are required to take out coverage of $10,000 PDL (property damage liability) and $10,000 PIP (personal injury protection). 

It is important to ensure that you take out adequate coverage from someone for your vehicle. Should you experience an accident or have previously been convicted of committing a motoring offense; the DMV in Florida has the right to demand that you take out additional coverage, including BIL (bodily injury liability). Luckily, finding the best auto insurance in Florida is a quick and easy process. With literally thousands of insurance providers offering discounted coverage online at, it has never been easier to save money. Failure to take out auto insurance in the State of Florida can have severe consequences for those found not to be in possession of it.

Along with personal injury protection, bodily image liability and property damage liability, insurance companies in Florida also offer various other types of optional insurance coverage. These can include coverage against uninsured motorists, comprehensive coverage and collision coverage. The amount that you will pay for your auto insurance will largely depend on your driving history. Other factors include the type of car that you have, the area that you live and your age. Those with a good driving history will typically find that they can enjoy better rates.

It is also important to note that those who live in busy city areas are likely to experience much higher rates than those who live in quiet suburban areas. No two auto insurance providers calculate their rates the same. This means that quotes can have a drastic difference between providers for the same driver. Using online comparison sites is the best way to find the best deal. However, sometimes going direct to the insurance provider can provide big savings. Ultimately, having a good driving record is the best way to save on car insurance.

So, now you know that auto insurance in Florida is required. Don’t rush into purchasing a discount policy. Spend a little bit of time reviewing the terms and conditions and shop around at before making your mind up.